GTA Launches GTA Fiber

A 100% Fiber Internet network with speeds up to 1 Gig

(Tamuning, Guam) Wednesday, May 8, 2024- GTA, Guam's leading telecom provider, proudly unveils its latest innovation: GTA Fiber. Representing a significant milestone in Guam's digital evolution, GTA Fiber is set to revolutionize the island's internet landscape with its lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled reliability.


"We are thrilled to introduce GTA Fiber, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge telecommunications solutions to the people of Guam," said Roland Certeza, GTA CEO.  “Residents can now experience ultra-fast download and uploads speeds that cable, wireless and satellite can’t match together with the reliability of GTA’s fiber infrastructure."


GTA Fiber marks a transformative shift in internet technology, with 100% Fiber Internet directly to homes and businesses with speeds up to 1 GIG, or 1000 Mbps. GTA Fiber is built on Guam's most reliable network, fortified by a typhoon-proven infrastructure featuring the largest underground Fiber network on island. With blazing fast download and upload speeds, users can enjoy lag-free gaming and seamless connectivity across multiple devices.


In order to make sure subscribers can use all that speed, GTA Fiber includes our newest Gateway with WiFi 6 and the Plume HomePass WiFi app built-in. When you combine the Gateway with additional Plume WiFi Superpods, customers can experience seamless Internet connections access throughout the entire home.


GTA is rolling out GTA Fiber across the island, aiming to reach every home and business in Guam over the next few years. Currently, GTA Fiber is available in the following areas: Maina, Agana, Barrigada, Adacao, Tamuning (Ypao Road Area), and Dededo (Payless Area). Additionally, work is underway in Tamuning (Apotgan), YpaoPao, Dededo, and Astumbo. Updates on the progress will be provided as GTA continues to expand into more areas.


To check availability and experience the speed and reliability of GTA Fiber, visit or contact us at 671-644-4482.

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Service Impact for Existing Customers

Q: How will Fiber to the Home affect existing GTA Home Internet customers?  

Exciting news for current GTA Internet customers subscribed to Home Internet plans of 25 Mbps and higher! Once GTA Fiber becomes available in your area, you'll automatically become eligible to upgrade to a faster GTA Fiber plan. For instance, if you currently have Home Internet 100, you can seamlessly transition to Fiber 500 without any increase in price. This offer extends to customers with Choice Bundles too.

Q. Why is it essential to transition from traditional copper home phone services to Digital Home Phone via Fiber Technology?

Transitioning from traditional copper home phone services to Digital Home Phone via Fiber Technology is crucial. While copper has long been reliable, its aging infrastructure poses challenges, particularly during events like typhoons. Therefore, upgrading to fiber is necessary. With fiber, your phone service will be more resilient. Similar to copper, it will function even during power outages when your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is connected to a UPS backup or generator. Additionally, the transition is seamless, as your digital home phone operates just like a traditional one; simply plug it into your wall jack, and it will provide a dial tone.

Advantages of GTA Fiber

Q: What are the benefits of GTA Fiber? 

o   GTA Fiber utilizes 100% fiber-optic cables directly into customers' homes or businesses, delivering the most advanced and reliable network in Guam.

o   Customers can enjoy up to 100x faster speeds than cable broadband, Satellite and DSL Internet providing customers with more bandwidth and improved service performance.

o   Our Fiber infrastructure is strategically designed, with 90% underground all the way to your area, and then the direct fiber connection to your home or business will either be buried or aerial depending on your location and infrastructure.

o   Customers need not to worry about speed availability, as fiber technology is not constrained by distance. All the GTA Fiber speeds will be accessible to residents in our existing fiber areas, and eventually, throughout Guam.

Installation Process

Q: What is involved in the installation process? 

The installation process involves running fiber-optic cables from a central neighborhood point to the designated home. Subsequently, a service technician will install in your home an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and the GTA Fiber Gateway that supports WiFi 6 and comes with the Plume HomePass app. You can also add additional Plume extender pods for more coverage depending on the size of your home.

Turnaround Time and Duration of Installation

Q: How long does it take to get GTA Fiber internet installed? 

Installation typically occurs within 3-5 business days. The duration varies; installations with a concrete power riser take up to 4 hours, while those without can take 4 to 8 hours

Installed Equipment

Q: What equipment will be installed? 

Service installs include a Fiber Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and a GTA Fiber Gateway with integrated Plume software and WiFi 6 technology. Customers can also request for an installation of a Plume Superpod to further enhance their WiFi coverage inside their home for additional $5 per pod per month. This equipment will help ensure customers enjoy the optimal WiFi experience.

Availability and Expansion Plans

Q: What are GTA's expansion plans for GTA Fiber coverage? 

GTA is committed to rolling out GTA Fiber (FTTP) across the island with the aim of reaching homes and businesses throughout Guam in the next several years. Currently, areas such as Maina, Agana, Barrigada, Adacao, Tamuning (Ypao Road Area), and Dededo (Payless Area) are already covered. Additionally, work is underway in areas including Tamuning (Apotgan), YpaoPao, Dededo, and Astumbo. Stay tuned for further updates on our progress as we continue to expand into more areas.

Customer Support and Additional Services

Q: What support options are available for GTA Fiber subscribers? 

GTA offers 24/7 support via phone (671-644-4482), email (, and live chat (, prioritizing rapid response and prompt service restoration in case of outages.

Q: What additional services or features are offered alongside GTA Fiber?  

GTA Fiber is now included in our Choice Bundle, allowing you to enjoy significant savings by bundling services such as Fiber, Wireless, TV, and Home Phone. Our bundled packages offer premium content options and specialized business solutions tailored to individual needs, enhancing the customer experience with flexibility and choice.

To check availability and experience the speed and reliability of GTA Fiber, visit or contact us at 671-644-4482.

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About GTA

GTA provides complete communications services in Guam. These include local and long-distance telephone service, 3G, LTE, and 5G mobility service, High Speed Internet Access, Dedicated Ethernet, Carrier-Class High Capacity Services over SONET and SDH networks, and advanced television, or IPTV. GTA operates a data center on Guam offering a secure, managed environment for customers who need an alternative site for business data storage. The company also runs Guam’s first locally owned cable landing station and data center in Piti.

Based in Tamuning, Guam, GTA is a U.S. and locally owned company and locally managed. The company’s website is

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